Fair Gameplay

Do not use or abuse bugs

If you encounter a bug, always report this on our forums.
When you are not certain if something in particular is bugged or not, allowed or forbidden, always make a ticket or forum post about it before proceeding

Players are never to use or abuse server sided issues/glitches for their own benefit.
Who is caught using server sided issues can count on penalties varying from warning to (temp.) suspension, depending on the gravity of the abuse.

First offense : Warning
Second offense : 5 day ban

Do not hack

VanillaGaming Pre-TBC server is a blizzlike server on which all staff members work hard to maintain a fair and authentcal gameplay for all members

The use of 3rd party software/cheat engines designed to alter/cheat the blizzlike gameplay as intended is strictly forbidden, as:

       - is a danger to the servers performance and stability
       - endanger the Blizzlike identity of our community
       - is unfair to players who do play in a Blizzlike manner

If you do not like to play and level in a Blizzlike manner, we advise you to find your way to any funserver available.

Players who are caught using any kind of hack will be permanently removed from our community without any form of discussion.

First offense : Permanent Ban !

We do not support any kinds of hackers or cheaters, so they will be banned on the spot.

Do not advertise

It is not allowed to advertise any other (game) server or community website on our server. Use other designated websites for that instead.

First offense : Permanent Ban.


This is strictly forbidden and will lead to ban:

- Changing COLOR in chat messages.
- Using GM tag when you are not a member of the Vanillagaming Staff.
- Racism.
- Spam.
- Insulting donators for donating.
- Insulting Staff Members

First offense : 5 hours mute
Second offense : 1 day ban
Third offense : 5 days ban
Fourth offense : Permanent Ban.

This rule will be enforced very stricly from now on, so watch out what are you saying on world chat.

About Multiboxing

We allow multiboxing, however, this is allowed for PvE only. Take note: You are not allowed to multibox in world or battleground PVP situations. Our Gamemasters are keeping a strict eye on this.
First offense : Permanent Ban

About Mob tagging

We allow mob tagging.

General Behavior

Please write only in English on world chat.

The community is an international one and we want every member to understand each other. If you wish to communicate in your own language, you are free to create your own channel.

Do not Flame

Respect other people and other people's opinions, even if that does not match your own standards or values.

World chat is not for flame. Take your arguments elsewhere, whether it be PMs or another channel.
Do not fight your (personal) fights out in public

If you have a problem or argument with someone, attempt to talk this out or solve in a private manner.


Always Follow Staff's instructions

The instructions of the Server Staff are to be followed at all times by every member who enters our gameserver

About tickets

Please search our forums before making an in game ticket about an issue.

Also, do not make bug reports in a ticket, bug reports should always be reported on our forums.

If you make an in game ticket, please also add when you are generally online as GM's do not have the time to sit online and wait for you all day.

Tickets are not for:

       -  General game questions about quests or any in game functionallities
       -  Requests for (quest) items for events/quests that are not working

Never ask administrators or GM's to perform actions on you that do not match our blizzlike values.

Asking for level, gold or any other in game advantage over others will never be honored and is not appreciated.

All tickets that do not follow this rule and those tickets that are considered inappropriate will be ignored and deleted.

Honor Farming

- Honor farming is a bad thing as you all know. It was a permanent ban for one who did it, but we've decided (under a suggestion from a player) to be more easy on the guys who honor farm.

First Offense : Temporary Ban (1 - 5 days) and taking away all the honor from the character.
Second Offense : Permanent Ban

We think that taking the honor from your char is punishment enough to teach you guys no to repeat that again.

AFKing in battleground ( Honor Leeching ) is considered a part of honor farming as well. To prevent this, we added punishments to this.

First Offense : Kick from the server ( we do not know if you're here or not ) and a warning in your mailbox.
Second Offense : 1st offense from Honor Farming
Third Offense : 2nd offense from Honor Farming

Trading/Selling/Sharing accounts

- We do not support traded, shared, or sold accounts in any way ( For example of you get scammed we wont recover your password, we will send it to the mail the account was originally created to )

Misgiven loot

- This has been happening very often in the last few weeks. From now on, every misgiven loot will NOT be transfered to its rightful owner. Watch what are you doing and who you're giving the loot to.

Ninja Looters

- We do not support the ninja looters. A special thread will be made for ninja looters. You will report them there with actual proof of it. We cannot take anything from them or punish them. Those people are part of the game as well, but making the post is punishment enough.


- We do NOT return lost honor.
- We do NOT return lost items.

Server crashes are not our fault and we will NOT assist with tickets made about server crashes and lost items / honor and etc. Those tickets will be ignored.

Payment Reversal

Any kind of Payment reversal will lead to account ban on all the accounts involved. May also lead to IP ban.

Unauthorized Payments/Scamming

This is strictly forbidden and will lead to TOTAL suspension, All accounts + IP ban

Trying to Fool the system

If your trying to fool the system with Canceled payments or anything like that, We contact you about the situation. If you decide to not answer you will be suspend you from the community.